Welcome to the Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association website. We are an organized group of retired teachers who have taught in the United States and currently live in and around the Dearborn County, Indiana area.   The Association is an affiliate of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) and the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA). 


The Dearborn County Retired Teachers Association (DCRTA) was formed in 1973 under the leadership of E. L. Morrison.  Our association is composed of retired teachers and administrators, active teachers, spouses, and friends of education. 


The purpose of the association is...


     (1) to promote the welfare of retired teachers through support of legislation concerning teachers’ pensions and retirement benefits.


     (2) to encourage and perpetuate education.


     (3) to provide community leadership, service, and guidance.


     (4) to assist active teachers with retirement information.


    (5) to keep the local membership current on COLA information and IRTA benefits and services.





1973          E. L. Morrison

1974-1976  Mabel Long

1977-1978  Jeanette Graver

1979-1980  Kenneth Pitts

1981-1982  Wilma Gerepott

1983-1986  Jeanette Graver

1987-1988  Rosemary Watkins

1989-1990  Kenneth Pitts

1991-1994  Earl Mann

1995-1999  Mary McElfresh

2000-2001  Larry Givan

2002-2003  Charles Workman

2004-2010  Dennis Bourquein

2010-2014  Jim Pierce

2014-2017  Denise Kaffenberger

2018-2020  Jim Pierce